Report from Honolulu: 2011 CKS General Meeting

(March 31, 2011 9:15–11:00 pm)

The agenda at the Committee on Korean Studies (CKS) General Meeting consisted of three main items:

  • “Remembering JaHyun Kim Haboush” (Don Baker, Chan Park, Laurel Kendall, Jisoo Kim)
  • Report on the past year’s activities: book list and mentoring projects sponsored by the Korea Foundation
  • Discussion of the future of the CKS

The membership indicated the importance of the continued existence of the CKS, and outlined three general areas for the Committee to remain active in:

  1. Maintain the existence of the CKS, by
    • (a) continuing to hold elections (via Survey Monkey) and to fill the positions on the board; and
    • (b) start and maintain an email list. The first defines the leadership of the group; the latter defines the group itself, by maintaining a comprehensive list of members and their email contact information. This also provides a venue for exchanging ideas, information, news, etc. that several members mentioned.
  2. Provide a clearinghouse for information related to Korean Studies, via a website or newsletter.These first two areas ensure that CKS remains in existence–to provide information and a forum for discussion but also in case issues arise in the future that require the group’s intervention, as a sort of “watchdog” organization (both points that were raised during the meeting).
  3. Sponsor/arrange a panel or panels at the AAS meeting that promotes intellectually stimulating collaborative work in Korean Studies. Todd Henry presented the idea of sponsoring back-to-back panels at the annual AAS meeting, centered on a common topic of current interest to the field. This last area gives the CKS some role in identifying key issues in the field and providing a venue for those issues to be discussed at the annual convention.

submitted by Chris Hanscom

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